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We Service All Brands

We are a full service bike shop, aimed at keeping your bike in tip-top shape. Our skilled technicians service all types of bicycles, any make or model. From a wheel true, special ordering, installation of parts, and general bike maintence, we have you covered!


Classic Service

This is the yearly maintanence most bicycles require to retain proper functionality over their lifetime. Included in the service is adjustment of all derailluers and brakes, the truing of both wheels, adjustment of all bearings, cleaning of the frame and fork, proper applicaton of lubricant and applying proper toruqe to all bolts. After you get your bike back from this it will work as well as it can given its current age and operating condition.

Pro Service

This service includes all of the tuning and adjusting found in the Classic Service, but includes complete replacement of all derailleur and braking cables and housing, and complimentary lock-on grips or bar tape! (Hydraulic lines replacement is not included in service.)

Elite Service

The Elite service consists of a complete assembly and disassembly of bike parts. Re-greasing of all moving parts. Cable and housing installation with parts cost included. Wheel true and ultrasonic parts wash for all drive train components.

Flat Change

Flats happen. Frequently. Especially during goat-head season. Inner-tube prices are not included in the labor charge, but they tend to run between $9 and $15 depending on the type.

Wheel True


Tubeless Install

Tired of flats? Go tubeless! Without inner-tubes, your bike becomes lighter, and you can run lower tire pressures which improves traction. Price reflects the cost per wheel, and please note, call in prior to confirm your wheel set and current tire system can be converted to tubeless. We generally will recommend purchasing new UST tires to ensure a perfect seal. (Sealant, valves and rim-tape not included in pricing.)

Disc Brake Bleed


Boxing Bike for Shipping